Zenreach Partner Program Brings O2O Data to SMB Marketing Providers

WiFi-based marketing platform Zenreach has launched a partner program. The company makes guest WiFi available in exchange for consumer emails or phone numbers. Those are then used to build a segmented customer marketing database, together with store visitation analytics.

It’s a pretty interesting and unique model and one that’s primarily though not exclusively targeted toward local businesses. Zenreach’s Mike Wilson presented a case study at the Place Conference in September in Chicago. CEO Jack Abraham ran Milo before selling it to eBay several years ago.

The partner program makes Zenreach’s capabilities available to third parties to offer in turn to their (SMB) customers. Why is this interesting? It’s interesting because:

  • It provides store-visits analytics
  • It enables customer segmentation based on visitation frequency and spend (if tied into CRM)
  • It enables online retargeting and other forms of digital marketing (e.g., lookalike) based on real-world behavior

These are capabilities that exist for enterprises but generally not at the SMB level. I’ve been arguing for some time that enterprise O2O tracking and attribution tools would ultimately make their way to the SMB market and would put pressure on companies to offer them. Google and Facebook are bringing O2O tracking to SMBs.

One of the major reasons for SMB churn out of digital marketing programs is the fact that they fail to see the ROI of their spend. Clicks, impressions and even calls sometimes are metrics too abstract or uncertain for these businesses. However actual visits and transactions, and the corresponding data about who their customers are is a compelling set of data arguably more persuasive of value.

In addition Zenreach helps the business owner more efficiently build his/her customer list, which is something that most SMBs have trouble doing effectively. I don’t know the terms of the program or whether it makes economic sense for “resellers.” However it’s probably worth taking a closer look.

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