YP’s Latest Mobile App Helps Local Searchers Save at the Pump

During this summer’s busy travel season, millions of Americans will be on the search for the cheapest gas prices to get where they need to go. YP’s newest app, “Gas Guru,” not only helps drivers find gas stations nearby, but allows them to locate the cheapest gas in their area while they’re on the go.

YP’s core app, YPMobile, already includes features that help local searchers find cheap gas. It’s because of the widespread use of those features that YP felt there was a viable market for an app specifically dedicated to finding the closest and cheapest gas.

“Since we added a gas price feature to our flagship YP local search app last year, we’ve seen triple digit search growth for not only gas prices, but auto-related categories overall,” said David Williams, vice president of product management at YP. “This new purpose-based app expands our local search insights and technology platform to address the unique needs of those on the go.”

Gas Guru users can view the best prices on a map or in list form, by gas grade, and can even store favorite locations in categories like “home” or “work.”

I find it interesting that YP, which already has a robust mobile app, expanded its reach by launching a new app directly targeting a niche audience. I think we can expect to see more spinoff offerings like this in the future from larger industry players.

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