YPA on Huffington Post: What We Learned From the Election

I wanted to share a piece that I authored on Huffington Post today about lessons businesses can learn from the presidential campaign (Ad Tactics: New and Old Mix It Up in 2008, But What Did We Learn?):

“The 2008 election has forever changed political campaign management, but the implications go far beyond politics. There are important lessons that the Fortune 500 marketing manager and the small business owner can use to generate customers in a tough economy.”

Those of us in the Yellow Pages industry would be well served to consider those lessons. Digital media has come into its own and can generate real impact. Traditional advertising methods are alive and well. And, local focus is more important than ever.

The Yellow Pages industry is poised to deliver for clients in each of these areas. Like Obama, our industry is also facing some tough challenges in the year ahead. But we’ve got the expertise, the services, and the team to address them head on.

You can read my full piece on Huffington Post.

One Response to “YPA on Huffington Post: What We Learned From the Election”

  1. Chris Finken says:

    Obama and many of the other presidential candidates worked hard to make sure every demographic was targeted but it’s interesting to note, as you did, that they didn’t abandon the “old” marketing tactics for the “new” marketing tactics. It’s still marketing, there are just more ways to do it now and no one single solution.

    Applying the “old” rules to the “new” tools is what will keep companies thriving or cause them to run for cover. Nice article!

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