YP: New Geo-Fenced Ads Allow Local Businesses to Target Customers at Neighborhood Level

Earlier this week, YP announced a new offering called Dynamic Store Locator. The new feature, a part of its Local Mobile Display Network, allows local businesses to advertise to consumers within a specific radius of storefronts or given geo-fence. The program can potentially reach more than 100 million location-enabled smartphones in the U.S.

Consumers who click through Dynamic Store Locator ads are taken to a mobile optimized landing page that automatically adapts to an advertiser’s brand requirements (including logos and colors) and encourages users to take action – including making a call, getting directions, taking advantage of promotions, visiting a website, or engaging with a business through social media.

Through the Booyah Advertising agency, YP helped Blockbuster launch a mobile store locator last month that is currently delivering banner click-through rates that are 25% higher than the industry average. YP’s location targeting platform enabled the agency to create customer geo-fences around Blockbuster stores and target nearby consumers. More than 20,000 customers accessed the store locator via the banner ad campaign to find a Blockbuster store in just a one-month period.

National and local businesses alike will find increasing value in mobile advertising because of programs like this, allowing advertisers to better target niche customers while they’re on-the-go. Click here to read YP’s news release.


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