YP, Dex Media, CloseBy, Local Market Launch to Offer Unique Perspectives on Monetizing Mobile at SoMoConf

As mobile usage and search continues to grow, we are seeing many ways that companies are monetizing this outlet.  As part of our Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! Conference, I have put together a panel of four companies with unique approaches to mobile. James Price of Dex Media, Dick Larkin of CloseBy, Gideon Rubin of Local Market Launch and Mark Ugar of YP will provide insight into their current mobile practices and the results they are seeing during their session titled, “Four Ways to Monetize Mobile: Bidding, SMS, Listings, Bundling.”

James and Dex Media are taking a few different approaches to mobile. They provide a real-time-bidding product that allows advertisers to place sponsored listings for cat/geo searches on mobile web sites and applications. Through a variety of API partnerships, they are able to expand the reach of these ads beyond their own branded properties.  Additionally, Dex Media is providing text-messaging solutions and mobile-optimized websites for SMB clients.

Dick and CloseBy have found success in building text message subscriber lists and using that connection to increase phone rings and door swings.  Dick will share a case study of a local business that was able to gather over 1,000 text subscribers and use those subscriptions to drive business on demand and engage customers regardless of location.  CloseBy also develops “Community Messaging” which sends offers from multiple merchants in the same town, making it easier for consumers to support local businesses.

Gideon Rubin of Local Market Launch approaches mobile with an emphasis on optimizing business listings across devices and getting listed on the appropriate channels for a specific market.  According to Gideon, with the tremendous growth in mobile local search, optimized, accurate and consistent business listings are absolutely crucial for any local business. Gideon will go over just what it means to have a business listing optimized for mobile devices and will share statistics on the number of listings that aren’t.

Mark and YP take a holistic approach to mobile rather than putting it in its own box.  Mobile solutions are often bundled with a variety of YPs solutions in order to help develop a consistent, broad reaching campaign for local businesses.  According to Mark, they have helped their clients successfully expand their reach simply by adding mobile to a package that includes a variety of lead sources.

Bringing all these varying perspectives on to one stage is sure to generate some great conversations.  But before we dive in with the panel, I will help set the stage by sharing with the audience some data on just how often mobile devices are being used to find and engage with local business information.

I am interested to hear what kind of questions, data and content you would like to hear from this panel.  Feel free to shoot me an email at with any of your suggestions.  Also, for more info on this session and others, check out the full agenda for #SoMoConf and don’t forget to register by July 30 in order to take advantage of the early bird rate ($100 off registration).  See you in Chicago!

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