YP Announces First Mobile App to Offer Menu Item Search

YP is taking a deeper dive into the menu territory with a new feature for hungry local searchers. YP app users can now not only search for restaurants by location and type of cuisine, but also by specific menu items as well. Looking for lobster rolls? Schnitzel? ….YP’s new app features can help you find restaurants in your area with the exact menu items you want and user reviews to help guide you to the best choice.

Leveraging its database of more than 300,000 menus from restaurants across the country, the YP app offers more than 13,000,000 dishes for its users to choose from

David Williams, VP of Consumer Products said, “We believe local is evolving from ‘search’ to a deeper experience that’s helpful in actually making a decision. Adding menu item search is a simple, yet powerful new option for smartphone users. It empowers them to express what they’re looking for and leads them to restaurants offering what they crave.”

YP’s announcement marks the latest innovation in the continuing evolution of local search tools that enable more customizable and specific search capabilities. It comes on the heels of Yelp’s new “Yelpy Insights” feature that helps searchers customize local business results based on age group and affinity group – another way of leading customers to the exact products and services they’re looking for.

Download the YP app and find your favorite dish in the neighborhood!

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