YP and Market Authority Discuss Perception vs. Reality of Print ROI

During a webinar hosted by YP and Market Authority last week, Matt Centofanti of YP and Tom Maguire of Market Authority discussed that while print Yellow Pages (PYP) usage has declined in recent years, the platform continues to provide a strong ROI opportunity for advertisers.  Most notably, many boomers and seniors – who make up demographics with serious spending power – continue to utilize PYP for local search, in addition to consumers from younger demographics.

Matt and Tom shared interesting category, geography and audience data that highlighted markets where PYP advertising is part of a successful, integrated advertising strategy.

Here are some of the highlights from the webinar:

  • PYP might not be considered “cool,” but at YP, print directories generate about 20 calls per second for local businesses.
  • In metro markets, research shows that consumers think just 16% use the phonebook. But the reality is that ~64% do.
  • According to a Market Authority study, while organic online search is the preferred form of local search in San Diego (55%), 20% said they prefer the printed phonebook.
  • Boomers and seniors have strong spending power, and an impressive number go to the phonebook first for local search. The study showed that 48% of consumers in their 50s, 57% in their 60s and 77% in their 70s go to the phonebook first.
  • When spending ad dollars, advertisers care about three things: number of calls, quality of calls and cost.
  • Depending on category, geography and audience, PYP still has a place in the local media marketing mix.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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