YP Advertisers: Data Drives Decisions

Charles Laughlin from BIA/Kelsey moderated an advertiser panel today.  The key takeaway: data drives marketing decisions.

“I like monthly reports with as much detail tracking as possible,” said George Bochanis, Esq., owner of George T. Bochanis Law Offices.  “It seems like the technology is increasing every year.  I would love to have something that shows tracking, timing, calls – whatever is available.”

Shannon Rodman, director, YPMG Marketing Ops, ServiceMaster, talked about the difference data can make in an organization where stores are a mix of company owned and franchised.  In the economic downturn, the company-owned stores have maintained ad levels with print Yellow Pages.  Franchisees, however, have been skeptical and want to move to Internet-based marketing tools.

“We need to go them to stay in the directory,” said Rodman.  “They need to see that the books are delivering and they need to stay in the directories.”

Chris Heilbock, regional vice president of national sales from Yellowbook and ServiceMaster account rep commented that franchisees are coming back to print Yellow Pages after other options haven’t worked out.  “Our corporate spender is more stable.  They’ve done measurement and understand the marketplace.  A lot of the franchise owners are influenced by other people around them without other statistics or data.  We’re seeing some of that come back now.  They’ve tried some other things and they’re coming back to what they had before.”

Bill Brewer, regional vice president of sales for SuperMedia, said building systems to give advertisers performance metrics is a key priority.  “We’ve doubled our testing budgets year over year for the last three years now.  We think it’s key to the future growth of all of our platforms.”

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