Yext Brand Repositioning and What It Says about ‘Local’

A few weeks ago Yext announced that its Geomarketing blog was going on hiatus. This was part of a broader repositioning of the company. It has gone from listings/presence management, to digital knowledge management to “online brand management.”

At the core of the product is still listings and presence management (and reputation) as a basic matter. But what’s interesting is the move to emphasize “brand management” rather than “local.”

yext positioning

Yext has a reseller program for agencies, publishers and other SMB “aggregators.” The company deals directly with national-to-local entities and franchise brands.

National brands and retailers have until recently perhaps never seen themselves as part of the “local” market. This, despite the fact that well over 90% of their sales are offline. They’ve historically seen the term “local” and read “small business.”

Yext is hardly the first company seeking brand/national retailer revenue, operating in the “local market,” to move away from the term local itself.

I’m curious what others think about this brand repositioning:

  • Is it smart?
  • Is the term “local” too limiting or problematic from a national customer perspective?
  • Do you think it represents a way to “rise above” a noisy local vendor segment where more and more things appear to be undifferentiated or commoditized?

What are your thoughts?

5 Responses to “Yext Brand Repositioning and What It Says about ‘Local’”

  1. Gary Steel says:

    Your screenshot of the Google Adwords ad is one of many that they are using. I’ve seen several. Today, one headline said, “Control Your Business Listings‎”, another said “Online Brand Management | Boost Listings, Reviews & SEO.”, and yet another said “Yext Listings | Scan Your Business For Free‎”. It’s a best practice to rotate various creative and settle in on the one that yields the lowest CPA. There’s nothing more important than a business ‘Name’. That is the ultimate brand identifier. Since Yext specializes in synchronizing NAP, i’m thinking that this is a nod to the ‘N’ in the online listing world. IMHO.

  2. Roger Franklin says:


    look over here at this shiny ball!

  3. Greg Sterling says:

    Regardless of the particular screen/title/ad copy . . . Yext is going through a repositioning of sorts.

  4. Gary Steel says:

    @Greg… Perhaps. You might be correct that repositioning away from the term “Local” may have to do with selling the yext service to national advertisers. And, yes to some Local=Small. Although I haven’t noticed the move myself. Surely there’s far more money in selling yext to a bank with 10,000 atm machines than small business one-offs. If it is indeed their intention to reposition, it does not offend me as an SEO practitioner. Perhaps there is some wisdom that “LSA Insider” can learn from this move if it is taking place. You can assume that Yext has spent a lot of money on the research before making a decision like that. If what you are saying is true, I think it’s a smart move.

  5. Greg Sterling says:

    Local is still in their talking points but there’s definitely a transition going on.

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