Yelp Announces New Insights Program to Help Local Searchers Tailor Search Results

Last week, local search giant Yelp announced the rollout of a new initiative to help customize user searches based on insights collected from its vast network.

“Yelpy Insights” leverages two new filters that narrow down search results to match a user’s interests or even age.

The first filter, “Liked by Vegetarians,” is designed for vegetarian lovers who want to explore vegetarian dining options, but not always frequent restaurants labeled specifically as “Vegetarian” or “Vegan.” The filter analyzes Yelp’s millions of reviews for keywords and clues about which businesses vegetarians might like that are outside these specific categories. For example, Yelp notes that a burger joint may have great vegetarian options that would be of interest to a searcher and can be identified by using the filter to identify past reviews of the restaurant.

The second filter, “X-Somethings,” is designed to help users find restaurants that are attractive to their age groups. Since users provide Yelp with their birth year upon registration, the Yelp filter scans reviews to identify the typical age groups that frequent individual restaurants.

Yelp says that if all goes well, they will roll out more Yelpy Insights in the future. I think this is a great way to take user reviews to the next level in helping consumers find the businesses they’re looking for. I look forward to using it the next time I’m looking for a restaurant!

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