‘Yellow Pages TV’ Gives Local TV Advertisers New Choices

Here’s an interesting story that’s been making some news online. This week, Comcast Media Center will unveil “Yellow Pages on TV,” an interactive television application featuring contact information for local businesses, for local cable operators that the company serves.

I haven’t seen a full demo, but the application’s functionality appears similar to the YELLOWPAGES.COM TV application currently available to AT&T U-verse subscribers, which also allows for fast searches for local business information via the TV

According to, the move “is big news for interactive television advertising” in that it will allow TV distributers to deliver more targeted ad opportunities for advertisers, similar to offerings currently available through web advertising.

The application reportedly allows users to scroll through lists by business type or company name and then access contact info – all through the remote.

Local businesses can pay for specific marketing services, including higher search rankings in the application, banner and video ads. Business can also pay for a feature that allows users to e-mail or call a business through their TV. The offerings range from $8 a month for companies to be listed in bold typeface, to $5,000 a month for businesses to feature five 10-minute videos and a higher search-ranking.

FourthWall Media, the Texas-based company which developed the “Yellow Pages on TV” app, believes the service will be attractive to small businesses that don’t currently run TV ads, but have advertised with Yellow Pages in the past.

I think this will be something to keep an eye on, particularly if other television service providers jump on the bandwagon. There’s significant branding opportunity for Yellow Pages companies as directory services expand to new mediums.   

Updated 11-13-09

One Response to “‘Yellow Pages TV’ Gives Local TV Advertisers New Choices”

  1. Ed Kohler says:

    Based on the above description, it sounds like it may suffer from some of the same issues web based yellow pages face. It sounds like this will be an abridged set of local business information where rankings are determined by what a yp salesperson can squeeze out of a local business rather than a directory of all local business information sorted by relevancy first (with advertising secondary).

    As this reads, it sounds like consumers can’t email or call businesses unless businesses pay. That doesn’t sound particularly useful.

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