Yellow Pages Marks Earth Day With Sustainability Report Launch

As you may already know, today marks an important day to encourage environmental awareness and appreciation of our natural surroundings.  Earth Day turns 40 today and we thought there was no better time to issue our first-ever Yellow Pages industry sustainability report.

Leading the development of this report has been a big, but rewarding job.  I am pleased to work with so many Yellow Pages companies that are making great progress on the sustainability front.  We’ve come a long way since we launched our environmental guidelines in 2007, but unfortunately many of the efforts aren’t widely known or publicized.  I’m hopeful this report helps us get the word out and clears up common misperceptions about our industry’s environmental impact.

Yellow Pages industry successes include:

  • Launch of consumer choice programs ( to give consumers a choice to reduce or stop directory delivery.
  • Use of directory paper that contains recycled content and fiber derived from lumber byproducts – making it unnecessary to use new trees to produce Yellow Pages.
  • A 29% reduction in the use of directory paper since 2006, as a result of programs to reduce the size of directories, use of more efficient pagination systems, and expansion of digital and mobile search products.
  • Implementation of soy-based inks and nontoxic dyes that pose little threat to soil or groundwater supplies and adhesives in the binding process that are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Support of recycling and up-cycling programs that ensure directories have a life after use.

Of course, this effort isn’t only about celebrating our progress but also setting the stage for where we need to go.  While we’ve made good progress, we must focus on continuous improvement and have outlined our vision and goals for the year ahead.

Click here to read the full 2010 Sustainability Report.

In the spirit of today, I would also encourage you to check out the Earth Day Action Center website to find out what green events are going on in your area.

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