Yellow Pages Industry Launches

I hope you saw our news release today in conjunction with the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP) announcing our official launch of, to help consumers simply and effectively stop directory delivery or adjust the number of directories they receive. aggregates delivery information for Yellow Pages publishers in one place. Users type in their zip code and receive a list of local publishers with the appropriate steps to stop delivery or adjust the number of directory products they receive. We had a soft launch of the site in January. Since then, we have been making improvements to the interface and further building out the publisher database.

The launch of this site is an important step forward in our effort to meet consumer interest in customizing what gets delivered to their doorsteps. Our research shows that the vast majority of households want to receive at least one print directory – no surprise, since print usage is still strong. With that in mind, a critical objective of is to let consumers decide to continue receiving all directory products available in their area, keep some but not others, or stop all directory deliveries.

Over the past year or so, a number of third-party Web sites not affiliated with Yellow Pages or telephone companies have begun offering to add consumers to do not deliver lists on their behalf. We suggest using caution when providing personal information to these Web sites. Consumers should work directly with publishers to stop delivery of print directories, and is an easy starting point in that process.

On a related note, we also recently reorganized our environmental Web site. It’s critical that we tell our sustainability story better. There is too much misconception among consumers about how print directories are made. It’s important that people know that directory production is done in a sustainable way and that no trees are cut down for the sole purpose of publishing directories. In addition to our site, Yellow Pages companies also offer on their sites good data on the sustainable production process.

Even with the launch of, our work is not done. The site will evolve – we will continue adding publisher information and new features over time. We will also continue to work with publishers to ensure that stop delivery requests are consistently honored. There’s more to do, but I’m very excited by the progress we’re making.

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  1. Barbara Cooney says:

    We get phone books from two sources 3-4 times a year and recycle all of them! Ridiculous.

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