Yellow Pages Group Announces Positive Earnings, Digital Grows to 27% of Revenue

This year, we’ve chronicled the ongoing transformation of one of our major Canadian members, Yellow Pages Group, which after rebranding in March has rapidly expanded its digital portfolio by launching new initiatives, upgrading its existing products, and making acquisitions to widen its offerings.

Today, I’m pleased to see that YPG is beginning to reap the benefits of its digital investment, setting the stage for continued growth in today’s changing media environment.

As Reuters and The Globe and Mail are reporting, YPG announced favorable third-quarter 2010 earnings this week, which the company said resulted from improving economic conditions and a stream of new digital products and initiatives. The company said its online revenues set a record this quarter, representing 27% of total revenues.

In its press release, YPG noted several initiatives that are paving the way for its continued success:

  • On the mobile front, YPG created a partnership with TELUS to have its mobile application preloaded on select BlackBerry devices. The company said its app has been downloaded more than 1.8 million times.

YPG’s progress is something we can cheer and I believe the company serves as a great example of how our industry is successfully embracing the digital space. More to come!

2 Responses to “Yellow Pages Group Announces Positive Earnings, Digital Grows to 27% of Revenue”

  1. I believe there is a worldwide transformation in the market towards digital media, and Yellow Pages globally are now on the right track on catching up with this transformation. The key to this is partnerships, verticals and offering integrated advertising solutions….

    Very impressive what YPG are doing, we are also following a similar track in Egypt Yellow Pages by partnering with the key leaders in our industry, top electronic newspapers, news website, e-government portal, etc …
    in addition to offering value added services which helps increase the complete transactions percentage through our electronic products such as hotel booking, online food delivery, event tickets reservation, etc …

    Mohamed Salah
    Digital Media Director
    Egypt Yellow Pages

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