Yellow Pages Association Co-Hosts Industry Environmental Webinar

Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers hosted last week an environmental webinar for members to discuss the importance of local consumer choice programs and the industry’s own

It was great to have so many industry representatives join the discussion. While the number of publishers that participate in consumer choice programs continues to grow, I believe the webinar was especially helpful in answering questions around the need for self-regulation and perceived impacts on advertising.

We know that delivering a directory to someone who doesn’t want one does not make much business sense. Providing people an opportunity to manage delivery is beneficial for both consumers and the environment. And given the dramatic growth in Internet Yellow Pages usage and our other digital tools, a consumer who opts-out of a printed directory still has plenty of access to the local information that we provide.

We’ve seen a number of announcements this year from large Yellow Pages companies announcing consumer choice programs. Idearc recently unveiled its program, which includes printing a toll-free number with opt-out information on all Verizon Yellow Pages’ covers. Idearc is also in the process of developing an online sitelet for consumer choice. Consumers will see a new, clearly marked tab on by the end of this year for stopping delivery of printed directories.

In case you missed the webinar, you can view the slides.

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