Yahoo! and AT&T Partner to Expand Local Advertising Portfolio

On today’s Yahoo! earnings call, CEO Carol Bartz announced a new sales partnership with AT&T that’s been generating some buzz. The agreement will enable more than 5,000 AT&T sales representatives to sell Yahoo! display inventory to local businesses across the United States.

We’ve been touting our “feet on the street” sales force as a differentiator for Yellow Pages companies for quite some time. Our presence in market enables us to develop personal relationships with small businesses who trust their Yellow Pages representative to build a advertising approach that will generate sales leads.

Through the AT&T and Yahoo! partnership, Yahoo! will have the advantage of tapping into those customer relationships that are held by AT&T. In turn, AT&T can add Yahoo!’s display inventory and targeting technology to its portfolio.

I believe that these kinds of partnerships are extremely important for our industry. At the end of the day, it’s about our ability to sit down with advertisers, understand their business challenges, and pull together programs that work for them. The more platforms we have to offer, the more cross-selling we do, the better it is for our customer. Ultimately, it helps solidify our position as a trusted advisor to small businesses well into the future.

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