xAd Webinar Discusses Amplifying Reach of Traditional Media with Mobile Ads

During their recent webinar, Blair Vincent and John Silverman of xAd discussed the growing opportunities with mobile location-based advertising and the new and exciting implementations that have recently come to light. They talked about how mobile is expanding the reach of any marketing mix for their clients by amplifying, while refining the target area and audience focus.  Finally, they highlighted some current successful implementations of mobile-location advertising used alongside traditional placements and the value therein. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • There are 5 times as many cell phones in the world as there are PC’s.
  • Just 11% of time spent on mobile is used for search which is why display ads can be helpful when trying to get in front of consumers the other 89% of the time.
  • Location is the real world cookie in that it provides the necessary data to give relevant, timely mobile messages, similar to the way cookies inform advertising on browsers.
  • Locally relevant ad messages are just as important as the targeting. Leveraging local events, weather and the like is critical.
  • Apply mobile targeting technology to current traditional media placements to amplify audience reach and campaign performance.
  • Understand how local audiences prefer to interact with your brand or business.
  • Continue to analyze and re-focus messaging and calls to action for optimal performance.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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