Will Twitter’s new “Vine” Become Part of the Local Marketing Mix?

Twitter introduces Vine

Mashable: “Will the :06 become the new :30 in the ad world?”

Late last week, Twitter launched a new mobile video service called Vine. The service allows users to make short looping videos on their mobile devices and share via Twitter and Facebook. The videos have length constraints of 6 seconds – similar to Twitter’s 142 character limit – which Vine hopes will “inspire creativity.”

Many people are already asking how businesses can take advantage of Vine to boost their video marketing efforts. Thus far, Vine has not provided guidelines on business usage or offered business-specific account settings. That said, many big brands have already started testing out the platform, including Gap, Moose Tracks, and NBC News. I’m sure it won’t be long before we start to see initial case studies on how brands are leveraging the tool in their outreach.

Integrating video into local advertising strategy is certainly the right way to go. In December 2012 alone, comScore found that 84.9 percent of online Americans viewed online video. With advances in smartphone technology, mobile video viewership is becoming much more prevalent as well.

It’s important that local businesses testing out Vine in their marketing outreach keep core principles in mind, such as making sure their videos aren’t focused exclusively on sales, and provide incentives for followers to share the videos with others and come back for more.

Vine is currently available on the iOS platform. You can download it via the iTunes store.

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