Why the Yellow Pages Industry Is Suing the City of Seattle

In today’s edition of The Seattle Times, I author an Op-Ed explaining why the Yellow Pages industry is suing the City of Seattle over its recently-passed ordinance governing phone book distribution.

As I describe in the piece, our industry’s opposition to the Seattle law is not a protest against opt-out. We have always believed that it makes no sense to deliver a directory to someone who doesn’t want one. That’s why our members have long respected customer delivery requests, and why our industry collectively launched a nationwide clearinghouse,, that makes it simple to stop delivery.

Our disagreement with the Seattle law centers on its newly launched opt-out website, which we believe is duplicative, confuses residents, and is funded by a discriminatory tax. We also believe the ordinance sets a dangerous precedent by unfairly singling out Yellow Pages and enabling government to decide the value of our publication compared to others.

I hope that my Op-Ed will help Seattle residents better understand why our industry is continuing the fight to overturn this ordinance.

Read my Op-Ed in The Seattle Times here. I’d also like to encourage our blog readers to post a comment on the website in support of our opposition to the ordinance.

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