Why Facebook Ad Creative & Relevance Now More Important than Ever

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it is going to de-prioritize commercial content (“public content”) from brands, businesses and media publishers in favor of content and posts from friends and family. The long-term impact of this change is unclear, but the decline of organic reach will likely accelerate, and advertising will be the primary way to reach people on the platform.

Facebook wants to deliver ads that don’t significantly interfere with the user experience. For marketers this means ads need to be relevant, unique and appealing, and it’s more important than ever to take advantage of the company’s ad tools, help centers, strategy tips, general how-to articles and much more.

For example, the company’s Creative Hub, launched in 2016, is a platform to aid in ad development on Facebook. The tool provides agencies with a number of capabilities as it relates to the ad development process including the ability to:

  • Create mockups for any type of ad
  • Share these mockups for feedback and approval even if the person doesn’t have Facebook
  • View a draft of the ad “in the wild” on your app experience

The tool also aids in the creative process, sharing creative examples and inspiration from other users and providing insight into the various ad types to help identify what’s possible on the platform. Though the user feedback for the Creative Hub comes from major ad agencies like Grey, BBH and McCann, the tool has application for any organization managing Facebook advertising on behalf of other businesses.

Beyond Creative Hub, Facebook offers a number of other resources that can help agencies optimize ad strategies on the platform. One of the latest articles released on the Facebook Business blog was about bid strategies and provided some insight into how the platform’s bidding system works:

Our system delivers your ads with two goals in mind: showing people ads they’ll find relevant and maximizing value to drive your business objectives. A bid represents what you’re willing to pay to achieve your desired result from someone in your target audience. Since Facebook optimizes its auction for total value (for both advertisers and people), the winner of the auction isn’t necessarily the ad with the highest advertiser bid, but the one with the highest total value.

Similar to Google’s “Quality Score,” Facebook doesn’t just make advertising on the platform a bidding war. According to an article on AdEspresso, Facebook looks at three things in determining who wins auction:

  • The Bid: The more you are willing to pay, the more you are likely to win the bid.
  • Relevance Score: This is a score on a 1 to 10 scale which factors in many metrics including engagement, clicks, conversions, click-through rates, negative reviews, etc. Facebook provides this score directly in the Ads Manager platform.
  • Estimated Action Rates: Based on an algorithm, Facebook estimates how many actions a given ad will produce.

Facebook is constantly adding new materials to help improve the advertising experience for businesses and the agencies that service them on the platform. While these materials are useful for more savvy marketers, it will be interesting to see how the company accelerates its self-service business with SMBs directly. After all, the SMB market is where much of the ad spend growth is to be had, but quality and relevance will remain a challenge.

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