Why Do Most SMBs DIY Their Own Digital Marketing?

Of the roughly 28 million small businesses (SMBs) in the US, how many are trying to DIY their own digital marketing? The answer is: most of them.

A recent LSA report (commissioned by Mono), revealed the marketing and software products SMBs purchased directly from the service provider’s website or app. Overwhelmingly, the most common self-provisioned item was website domains (50%). Rounding out the top five were website builders (37%), social advertising (29%), email marketing (18%), SEO (16%) and booking (14%). However, more than 25% reported not purchasing any the items listed.

When asked the primary reason for purchasing these products directly, 50% of SMBs said because they were free/less expensive. Additionally, 37% said they would prefer to not deal with salespeople, 29% had no other option, 26% said it was faster/easier and 18% said the process was simple.

Given the limited budgets of many SMBs, it’s no surprise that cost was the most influential factor in the decision-making process. Most small businesses also lack other resources like available staff and free time, which explains and supports several of the other answers.

This data comes from the LSA report Meet the New Small Business SaaS Customer. To access the graphic above, click here.

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