What’s Keeping European Local Media Publishers Awake at Night?

This week I’m in Prague for the SIINDA conference. One of the sessions I’ll be moderating is a CEO lunch that will feature many leading European local media publishers.

SIINDA surveyed them ahead of the conference on, among other things, the questions that they’re asking internally and what their top concerns are. Here’s the question verbatim: “What do you think are the top 3 issues we will face in the next 5 years?”

The answers and opinions that came back are remarkably varied. Here is a small sample:

  • Industry fragmentation and increased competition from specialized companies
  • The decline in the value of advertising
  • Customers will increasingly value transactions
  • Where is privacy going?
  • Full stop for print directories
  • Data demands of mobile users utilizing advanced search techniques
  • Ad blocking in mobile
  • Internet of things and wearables
  • Cost of customer acquisition, cost of the sales force
  • Lack of adequate sales people
  • Reliability of vendors/on-demand service providers
  • Challenges of integrating multiple third party solutions
  • Costs and opportunities for innovation
  • How can new apps compete with behemoths like Google, Facebook and Amazon?

Those are just a few of the responses we received. Some people are interested in addressing operational challenges, some are focused on the consumer experience and innovation and some are focused entirely on sales issues.

While I didn’t provide the entire list, what issues do you think are missing from the list above? What are the most pressing challenges facing local search and local media companies in the US market today?

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