What to Look for in a Marketing Partnership

Partner marketing is when two businesses join forces to improve the experience for their customers. In the majority of cases, such partnerships are formed by two brands offering complimentary services.

However, marketing agencies and resellers can also form marketing partnerships. For instance, Boostability partners with marketers to support them in providing their clients with SEO and website services. Marketers, small and large, benefit considerably from such arrangements due to the scalability.

Marketers are able to offer more services to their clients without reducing quality. And often, clients don’t even know that they’re partnered up with a reseller relationship. Major online marketing service providers will fully white-label their work on behalf of your business.

Should You Consider a Marketing Partnership?

If you are selling marketing services to small companies, you have the potential to grow through a marketing partnership. Think of it this way: you are currently only able to offer clients a select set of services. If you want to add additional services to expand your reach or offer clients a more comprehensive package, you’ll need to make a large investment.

As your business grows, you have only a few choices to remain competitive in your industry. You can:

Train Your Staff

This is time-consuming and complicated, especially for services like SEO and local search, where best practices are always changing. Your staff will need ongoing training — and, even then, they will unlikely be able to compete with experts who have years of experience.

Increase Staff

You’ll need more staff to handle the increased workload. This adds to expenses long before it brings any returns.

Scale Your Business Overnight

Alternatively, opt for a marketing partnership. This is a scalable option, and you’ll instantly have access to a full range of marketing services:

  • White label SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile web design
  • Content creation
  • And more

All of these services will be of the highest quality, as your partner will have access to a team of experts, including specialists in all of the above. Also, when you offer this selection of services to your clients, they’ll have no need to go anywhere else for their marketing.

How Does a Marketing Partnership Work?

With a marketing partnership, you are able to choose a customized selection of services for each of your clients. Forming a marketing partnership is simple. You find a company that provides SEO services, like Boostability, and resell them to your clients.

For instance, if you were to partner with a company that delivered marketing services for $40 per hour, you could resell these services for $80 per hour.

How to Find the Right Marketing Partner

It is essential that you don’t partner with a competitor but with a company whose aim is to support small and midsize businesses (SMBs) like your own. There are a few things you should look for in potential partners.

1. Dedication to Your Business

Your partner should show the same dedication to your business as you do. They should be driven to bring your results, meet deadlines, and reach targets. You can notice if this is likely to the be case when potential partners show a willingness to understand your current needs and are ready with ideas to help you achieve your long-term goals.

2. Individual Treatment

The communication you receive from your marketing partner should never be generic. For example, the partner should specific what they will do for you according to challenges you have mentioned. They should also be able to provide you with estimates about what you can expect to achieve within a particular timeframe for each one of your clients.

3. Account Manager

Ideally, you will receive an account manager who will be your point of contact. This individual is aware of everything there is to know about your business, your clients, and your marketing needs.

4. Services You Need

When choosing a partnership, you need to find a company that provides marketing services that your client wants but you are unable to provide. For instance, if your business is made up of experts in content creation, a marketing partner focused on SEO could be perfect. If you currently offer only a limited number of marketing services, try to find a partner who offers a wide variety.

The best marketing partners also allow for a high amount of personalization. This enables you to meet individual clients’ needs and ensure you stay within their budgets.

5. Great First Impressions

In addition to fulfilling the above criteria, you should feel confident about the partner you choose from your very first encounter. If anything feels off, this is likely a red flag.

If you want to expand your business without making a large investment and without increasing costs to your clients, a marketing partnership could be ideal. Choose the right partner for your company and you will be able to scale effectively.

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