Weekly News: Personalized CX Solutions, Google’s Push for Quality Content, Amazon Advertising

Here is this week’s roundup of the top news items related to local marketing and advertising, local media, technology, local commerce, consumer behavior and more.

Insight & Commentary

McDonald’s $300M Acquisition of Local Data Startup Bodes Well for Personalized CX Solutions (March 28, 2019)
LSA Insider: “If trend-setting in M&A for marketing technology is accurate, then McDonald’s just made a huge prediction – a $300 million one. Yesterday, they announced their first acquisition in over 20 years of, “Dynamic Yield”, a company that will help them provide a more real-time personalized experience for their customers.”

What marketers need to understand about fines under the new California Privacy Act (March 26, 2019)
Marketing Land: “It did not take long for the Golden State to borrow a page from the European Union’s consumer privacy rule book. And because of this, marketers need to take note about what’s happening with changes in data protection right now.”

How call tracking is becoming ‘conversational intelligence’ (March 22, 2019)
Search Engine Land: “Contrary to what many marketers perceive, call volumes have increased in the smartphone era. Phone calls remain a key channel for leads and sales across industries, and call tracking has the distinction of being one of the few ways marketers can track both online and offline leads.”

Strategy & Tactics

Advising SMBOs: Google’s Push Toward Quality Content (March 25, 2019)
LSA Insider: “It used to be easy to rank high on Google. Gone are the days of gaming the system, and for some digital marketers, this might be a bummer. In 2019, it’s going to take more thought and time to get to the top of SERPs, as Google is working to rank more content that is of quality above all others. This is in an attempt to provide users with the best content available on the web that answers their specific questions.”

Amazon advertising: Here’s how you can refine your strategy (March 28, 2019)
Marketing Land: “Unless you have been living under a rock or are one of 10 people who still consider e-commerce is a fad, you know about the explosive growth Amazon has seen in the last decade. But very few people have fully comprehended Amazon’s maniacal focus on chasing profitability in the last few quarters.”

Consumers Are Realizing the Value of Their Data. Here’s How Online Marketers Should Respond (March 25, 2019)
Street Fight: “With the adoption of GDPR in 2018 and other similar laws coming into play this year, consumers are hyper-aware of their data and how it’s being used (or misused). With seemingly daily headlines about data misappropriation—in addition to Facebook’s non-stop data breaches—it’s become apparent that consumer data is fueling a new multi-billion dollar industry that hasn’t taken privacy concerns seriously.”

Stats & Studies

79% of Digital Advertisers are Also Using SEO in Their Marketing Strategies (March 26, 2019)
Search Engine Journal: “New data reveals that 79% of digital advertisers are also using SEO as part of their marketing strategy in 2019. That’s one of many statistics included in WordStream’s report on the online advertising landscape in 2019.”

Online ad spend will grow more quickly than expected in 2019, Zenith says (March 26, 2019)
Marketing Dive: “Global online ad spend is expected to grow 4.7% in 2019, up from the 4% previously forecast in December 2018, according to Zenith’s “Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.””

Consumers Point to Facebook As Their Top Digital Channel for Discovering New Brands (March 26, 2019)
Marketing Charts: “Five of the top nine digital channels shoppers are using to discover new brands are social media platforms, with Facebook being used more than websites by Americans for this purpose. Indeed, about half (49%) of the nearly 1,000 shoppers surveyed for a report from Criteo said they discover new brands through Facebook.”

Industry News

Amazon tests video ads in its shopping app, Bloomberg reports (March 22, 2019)
Mobile Marketer: “With more consumers shopping on mobile, and Amazon’s app a popular method for accomplishing this, video ads could turn into an important offering for Amazon.”

Bing Ads Removed 900 Million Bad Advertisements In 2018 (March 25, 2019)
MediaPost: “The massive amount of search advertisements removed by Bing, as well as Google, in the past year demonstrates the need to clean up the web to provide increasingly accurate information — even when that information comes in the form of an ad.”

Report: Google considers privacy-minded restrictions on ad targeting (March 25, 2019)
Marketing Dive: “Google potentially making changes to third-party ad targeting would be an attempt to quell growing concerns over consumers data privacy, but could impact how online media is monetized, per Adweek.”

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