Webinar: Yahoo Gemini Offers Self-Serve Mobile Search and Native Ads

To paraphrase what we learned from the many stats Faith Murphy, sales director at Yahoo, shared during last week’s webinar, mobile ad spend is growing and so is interest in native ads.  In addition, one stat showed that native and mobile pair well together, with mobile native ads seeing 7X the CTR versus desktop native ads.

Appropriately titled, “Mobile’s Here. Now What?” the webinar utilized a plethora of statistics to show why mobile is so important for a local business. In addition, the content dove deep into mobile advertising best practices proven to deliver results and finished by giving a behind the scenes look at Yahoo Gemini, a one-stop shop for mobile search and native ads.

Based on the three main sections of the presentation – stats, best practices, Yahoo Gemini – here are some of the takeaways from the webinar:


  • 86% of mobile internet users use search from their mobile device.
  • Mobile search ad spend is expected to explode over the next few years from $9B in 2014 to $26B in 2018.
  • 67% of advertisers say native ads provide a more relevant message.
  • Native ads registered 18% higher lift in purchase intent and 9% higher lift for brand affinity responses than banner ads.

Mobile Ad Best Practices

  • Objective: First develop an objective for your mobile campaign. Do you want users to visit your website, know your brand and/or download your app?
  • Targeting: Based on your objectives, you should target using audience data that focuses on location, search terms and interests.
  • Costs: Analyze your bidding strategy so that it’s set to hit your goal. Set a competitive bid by monitoring your performance and using bid tools. Know what happens after your ad gets clicked with conversion tracking.

Yahoo Gemini

  • Every month, more than one billion people visit Yahoo to search, read news, and more, offering a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to reach target audiences.
  • Advertisers can purchase native or mobile search ads via Gemini.
  • Ads appear on phones, tablets and desktops and are seen when people search, check email, read news, check sports scores and other activities commonly done on Yahoo’s many web properties and partner properties.
  • Creating ads on Gemini is a simple three step process: 1. Target: Pick who sees your ad; 2. Cost: Choose a budget that works; and 3. Reporting: See how you’re doing.
  • Get started today at

Check out the entire presentation below:

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