Webinar: Why Every Business Needs a Location-Data Strategy

Location has evolved dramatically from a relatively crude instrument focused on real-time consumer actions to a flexible tool that has an ever-increasing number of use cases. Indeed, location intelligence has become an enabling technology that can answer numerous questions around customers, competitors and product usage and development.

The following 2018 survey (n=200 executives) partly illustrates this growing range of uses:

Carto location uses

LSA’s Place Conference has been a showcase of mostly marketing uses for location data. But there are many non-marketing location-data uses that are equally if not more compelling for brands, retailer and enterprises. For example:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the customer journey and purchase behavior
  • Real estate or store site selection
  • Develop more personalized mobile-web and mobile-app experiences based on context
  • Understanding mobile-app usage patterns
  • Help improve customer loyalty
  • Benchmarking performance internally or vs. competitors
  • Anti-fraud and security measures

These are only some of the scenarios and possibilities. The larger point is that the application of location data intelligence isn’t limited to retail; it extends to all kinds of enterprises including those without stores or owned and operated venues. In the same way that cookies help provide online insights, location can do that and much more for the offline world.

These are some of the topics we’ll be exploring in more detail in a June 21 webinar with Factual: “Why Every Business Needs a Location Data Strategy.” All this will be illustrated with practical case studies featuring WeWork, Uber, First Data and others.

We’ll also get into how to specifics on how identify and understand location data quality and key questions to ask in selecting a location-data provider. So join me and Factual’s Brian Czarny for this discussion and your Q&A.

You can register for the free webinar here.

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  1. Maria Albrecht says:

    Hi Greg, I teach a marketing course and found your location targeting article very insightful and valuable to share with students. Would you be willing to share your knowledge with me in a 10-minute phone call so I can pass it on to my students? Thanks! Maria A.

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