Webinar: Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Better Client Retention

Despite all the advances in technology over the past several years, most marketers — especially those working with SMBs — are still using a “last touch” attribution model. Multi-touch attribution has been discussed for years but its complexity, data challenges and potential cost (if you use a vendor) inhibit people from pursuing it.

Yet we all intellectually know that the consumer journey involves numerous touch points: search, social, video, reviews, websites. This isn’t being reflected in attribution models. Most marketers recognize intellectually that they should be doing more sophisticated ROI/attribution analysis.

But what if not using a more advanced attribution model is actually hurting your customer retention? Multi-touch attribution is likely the missing piece in making a better ROI case to customers.

On April 30, Mark Sullivan of CallRail and I will be doing a webinar demystifying multi-touch attribution. We’ll be talking about:

  • The current challenges with traditional attribution and why multi-touch attribution matters
  • The state of multi-touch attribution, and why major ad platforms are an obstacle
  • Why agencies that use multi-touch attribution retain clients longer
  • How to use multi-touch attribution data at your agency for meaningful results

That’s right: multi-touch attribution can help you retain customers longer. Join us as we unpack multi-touch attribution. Register here

Mark Sullivan

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