Webinar Preview: How to Move the Needle on SaaS Engagement (Video)

Despite tremendous growth in adoption and despite making a huge difference in improving the lives of small business operators, the small business software industry has a serious problem with its customers failing to sufficiently engage with the SaaS products they purchase.

Many small businesses owners fail to use the software they buy to its full potential. And in some cases, they struggle to use it at all. The problem is engagement. If SMBs aren’t using the software you build for them, then they will eventually stop using it, cancel their subscription, and move onto a competitor’s product. Or perhaps they will go back to the comfort and familiarity of a spiral notebook.

Recent Modern Commerce Monitor™️ (MCM) data from the Local Search Association measuring small business tech adoption tells both sides of this story. SMB cloud adoption is at 55% and expected to rise to 75% in the next two years.

SMBs are reporting real gains in productivity as a result of using cloud or SaaS software to run their businesses, as the following chart shows, 53% of SMB cloud users say they spend more time with customers as a result of using apps to run their businesses.

At the other end, 62% of small businesses fail to fully utilize software and they point to insufficient initial training and products that are just too complex as key reasons for their failure to fully engage. Many SMBs also report a drop off in usage after initial engagement with the software.

An LSA-Mono Solutions webinar tomorrow will explore the nature of the SMB SaaS engagement challenge, and consider the range of views of its seriousness, and then shares some best practices for building products that produce higher SMB engagement. The webinar is based on a recent LSA-Mono white paper called “The Engagement Challenge.”

We gathered these best practices from direct conversations with leaders at companies that are successfully building SaaS for small businesses.

We also conducted an online survey where we asked SMB SaaS professionals to share their views on what are the most effective measures to improve engagement.

Some of the tactics we discuss include:

  • Acquiring the right customers, not just any customer, to avoid the misalignment that often leads to churn.
  • Integrating customer feedback into the product development and improvement processes.
  • Using gamification, “emotional triggers” and data-driven touchpoints to keep users engaged.
  • Offering better guidance and initial support to ensure engagement early in the process.

It’s not too late to join the webinar. You can sign up here.

On a recent podcast, LSA’s analyst team debated why SMB engagement is such a challenge. Here is a short excerpt.


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