Webinar: Enhanced Business Data – Presence Management’s Missing Link

Please join LSA and Goodzer for an exclusive webinar presentation next Thursday, June 25 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET.

Basic business listings can be found everywhere – online directories, social sites, mobile apps, maps and search engines – but enhanced data (e.g. lists of products, services, pricing) is far less accessible. Most local businesses aren’t aware that they now have the ability to tell a detailed, compelling and engaging story about the products and services they offer but those that are leveraging this enhanced data have a powerful competitive advantage.

During this webinar, Mike Wilson, CEO of Goodzer, will discuss the keys to making enhanced business listings a success and will discuss ways to manage distribution simply and easily.  He will also show how business listing information can be used to improve targeting and results from online performance marketing campaigns.

Spots are limited so reserve your seat today!

About Goodzer

Goodzer serves millions of local businesses – from large to small – that want to enhance their local presence and reach local consumers. Using its unprecedented technology and automated marketing platform, Goodzer amasses and distributes local merchant profiles for millions of businesses that contain detailed information about each merchant’s services and products, thus allowing consumers to make informed, thoughtful purchase decisions. With this same technology, automation, and data, the company also provides conversion-optimized performance campaigns that produce real and impressive results, such as calls, store visits, and booked appointments, at low costs.

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