Webinar 10/3: What Really Works in Local Link Building

If you had to point to one variable that determines search rankings more than any other it would clearly be links. In the Moz Local Ranking Factors survey, links are number two on the Local Pack/Finder list and number one on the local organic list.

In addition, LocalSEOGuide’s 2016 ranking study, using a very different methodology, also found that links were the most important factor in local ranking: “It looks like links are the key competitive differentiator even when it comes to Google My Business Rankings.”

I’ve sat through dozens and dozens of local SEO presentations — even sophisticated and insightful ones — and when the discussion gets to local link building the platitudes come out: “Get links from church groups, little league teams, chambers of commerce.” You hear the same vague advice repeatedly.

Webinar Local link Building

Local link building is really hard, which is why most people don’t talk about it in detail — probably because they don’t actually know how to do it or what really works. We’ve decided to remedy that with a webinar on Tuesday, October 3 (next week): Local Link Building: What Actually Works and How to Do It

This is explicitly designed to be an antidote to the bland and not-very-helpful information you typically hear. Dan and Megan are going to present data and concrete examples that demystify local link building. These tactics can be used by local businesses (or those working on their behalf) and multi-location brands.

There will also be plenty of time for your specific questions. But if you don’t attend live (2pm ET on 10/3) you’ll miss the opportunity to ask your incredibly specific and difficult questions. You can register here.

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