Ware2Go, Fundera Partner on SMB Financing

Cash flow is king for small businesses and we’ve seen a lot of recent innovation in the fintech space designed to give SMBs new sources of capital or to provide tools to help them collect money faster. All in the name of keeping the cash flowing and the doors open.

A new example in this vein is this week’s announcement that Ware2Go, a UPS company that provides a network of warehouses that merchants use to position good for rapid fulfillment, has formed a partnership with SMB financing platform Fundera to offer smaller merchants a combination of logistics and financing solutions.

The pain point the partnership intends to solve is the cumbersome nature of sourcing logistics and finance solutions.

“Working with Fundera demonstrates our continued commitment to providing SMB merchants with all the tools and services they need to grow their businesses,” said Adi Trivedi, senior strategist at Ware2Go, in a statement. “Limited access to financial services and supply chain expertise has long constrained the growth of promising businesses. Now SMBs have a combined resource that delivers turnkey logistics technology and financing backed by two trusted brands.”

The companies say the new combined service could accelerate a small business’s growth trajectory, for example by reducing the friction involved in securing the financing a business might need to move into new territories and expand inventory. This would enable a business to more easily guarantee one or two-day delivery, something they need to do to remain competitive.

A theme that runs through our coverage of small business software is using technology to level the playing field with large enterprises. SaaS has done this with tools ranging from CRM to marketing automation to payroll processing that were once out of reach for small business owners. Fintech players are now stepping up to allow SMBs the financial flexibility they need to compete more effectively with scaled competitors.

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