Want to Be Featured in the Opening LSA 16 Session? Here’s How

When we started planning LSA 16, we mapped out more than 40 potential sessions. However in a 2+ day event there’s only room for about 18 – 20.

As a result we can’t accommodate all the topics and speakers we’d like to have on stage. And, as always happens, the closer you get to an event the more people emerge and ask to speak.

For this reason and because we thought it would be interesting to survey broader industry opinion, we’re putting together a 3 – 5 minute video to open the conference. It will feature people responding to this question:

What do you believe are the top one or two developments in local or location-based marketing (including mobile) that will impact the industry this year (and beyond)? Why?

You can use a smartphone to shoot your video or, if you prefer, more professional equipment. Make the video no more than 30 seconds. We may have to edit down a bit as well, depending on the final number of submissions we receive.

Be specific. Feel free to be provocative. Tell us what you really think.

If you’re using a smartphone, make sure lighting and sound quality are good. We may not be able to use video with very poor sound or dim lighting. Identify yourself and who you work for. We’ll let you know if we’re going to use your submission — we hope to use as many as possible.

This is a great opportunity to express your views in a public forum. The comments in the video will also sent the tone and framework for the opening live session and no doubt express many of the conference themes.

We want to hear from you. Upload your video here. We’d need to receive your submission no later than Monday February 22.

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