vSplash’s BuzzBoard: Connected On the Go


A few weeks ago I wrote about the vSplash team’s new sales tool, “BuzzBoard,” which will prove incredibly valuable for sales reps, changing the way they prep for sales calls. We thought it was worth sharing a few more highlights we didn’t get to feature in our last post.


BuzzBoard actually has the ability to map each sales call for outside reps to better keep track. The mapping tool offers the option of sorting by geography, revenue opportunity, favorites and analytical score.


For the outside rep, the BuzzBoard tool provides the option of using the tablet’s video, picture and audio capabilities. For instance, the audio recording tool can be used to interview local businesses about their marketing needs and expectations, eliminating the need to take written notes and assuring the most accurate information.

Using the video and picture capability offers the option of taking moving or still images of the customer’s location. Content that can then be used for upgrading or building the business’ website and other digital presence.

BuzzBoard Audit

Another great feature is the ability to audit a business’ website “on the fly.” Using BuzzBoard, a sales consultant can input a few pieces of data – name, address, URL – and within a few minutes BuzzBoard generates an on-the-go audit.

Imagine a sales consultant or rep seeing a new business in the market and being able to generate a web audit within minutes – allowing the them to walk in informed and ahead of the curve.

Some of our members are engaging with vSplash to begin market trials with the BuzzBoard tool and we’ve heard they’re pretty impressed. We’re keeping an eye on this new product as trials move forward.

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