Voice of the Customer: Hear from SMBs Live at LOCALOGY ENGAGE

LSA’s upcoming Localogy Engage: SaaS SMB event (June 3 – 4, Washington DC) is unique among industry conferences. Most gatherings about SaaS or SMB advertiser acquisition and retention deal in vicarious abstractions — you hear about SMBs, not from them. At Engage, you’ll hear SMBs tell their own stories.

We’re trying to facilitate a conversation between local business owners and the software companies that want their business. Think of it as a full day of “voice of the customer” research.

On day 1 (June 3), we’ll have 150+ small business owners learning about digital marketing and SaaS tools. Each session is intended to be educational for their benefit. But we’ve also built in time for SMBs to expose their experiences, needs and expectations to the industry attendees in the room.

These conversations throughout the day, together with networking breaks, lunch and an evening reception, offer SaaS and SMB marketing companies the opportunity to directly connect with local business owners.

Unlike survey data and spreadsheets, you’ll get a clear sense of these SMBs as real people, with real challenges. This kind of personal interaction and engagement is invaluable — especially to members of your team who don’t have opportunities to connect with prospects and customers.


At the end of day 1 we’ll convene a live focus group of SMBs to answer questions and have an extended discussion about the issues most pressing to industry attendees. You’ll get a chance to have all your questions answered.

On day 2 (June 4) we’ll process what we heard on day 1 and dive into tactical and best-practices discussions that go to the heart of the challenges that SMB software and marketing companies face: acquisition, engagement, retention.

These are the industry focused sessions on day 2:

  • SMBs & KPIs: Sharing Data That Drives Success
  • Bridging the Divide: What Enterprises Don’t Get about SMBs
  • Getting CACky: Who has Mastered the Art of Efficient Selling?
  • Selling to SMBs: A Better Way
  • SMBuy-in: Onboarding and Training
  • AI’s Impact on the B2B Customer Journey
  • More Integrations, More Usage
  • Turning Customers into Advocates
  • Hiring for Customer Success
  • Bringing Customer Feedback into Product Development
  • Keynote: The Best Companies and PE Firms are Focused on Engagement – Are You?
  • Market Outlook: Rollups & Exits

In the past we didn’t open up LSA’s SMB marketing bootcamps to industry attendees. This time we want everyone to come and hear business owners in their own words. This is a rare opportunity. The experience will be eye-opening, thought provoking — and even inspiring.

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