Vendasta Local Sales Automation Tool Aims To Boost Close Rates

Vendasta Technologies has released a new sales automation tool called MAST 10X. It’s designed to make identifying and closing local sales prospects more efficient, via email.

The company is utilizing its core presence and reputation monitoring tools as the basis of the product. Here’s the process:

  • Sales channels (publishers, agencies) upload a list of prospects
  • Vendasta does an audit of the company’s digital presence and reputation
  • It generates a specific report for each business
  • That report becomes a customized email that gets sent automatically to the list
  • If the business opens the email it becomes a target that can then be called; it may also generate an in-bound lead

Several years ago Israeli company Palore was doing a version of this. It created an presence score/report for SMBs and generated emails featuring the data uncovered. However it was “cold mailing” businesses and then selling the leads to third-parties.

The difference here (beyond some different features and content) is that these are prospects already identified by the sales channel entity or agent — and the byline/from line may be a known brand or individual.

Radius also offers the capability to segment and identify SMBs based on digital characteristics (e.g., Facebook Page), which can be proxies for buying intent. Vendasta says the following about what makes its approach unique:

What makes MAST 10X unique is its ability to send businesses detailed information about their online activity from a trusted source (in most cases, an agency and salesperson they’re familiar with). Research shows local businesses prefer email over other types of communication; however, MAST 10X is more than just an email marketing platform. It provides a complete sales tool management system to make sales teams more efficient.

Buzzboard offers similar digital presence content and local business audits but is typically used by outside sales reps in person using an iPad.

Vendasta says the system is already generating “impressive click through rates.” Because of the highly customized nature of these reports, about the business’ presence, visibility, reputation, I’m not surprised. Palore several years ago also reported very high CTRs with its less sophisticated product as well.

If you’re interested in a discussion of the challenges facing local media companies and sales channels, check out our free report: Local Media Sales 2020: Platforms, Profits or People?

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