Updates to DOL Search Results and Cart

We are pleased to announce even more enhancements to LSA’s Directories Online (DOL) that were implemented over the weekend. The enhancements improve the ‘Search Results’ directory and heading selection experience as well as the Cart appearance on DOL.

  1. The Search Results screen will now allow the user to ‘Select All’ directories or headings, select/unselect specific directories and associated headings, or re-select/unselect specific headings within a selected directory.
  2. We removed the unselect/select icons from the far left side of the screen making the application more intuitive.
  3. The repetitive text “* COMPLETE HEADING” from the Listing Name section was removed.
  4. The Listing Name section will now be blank unless a Listing search is performed on Listing Searchable directories.  If a match is found, the listing name will appear in the Listing Name section.
  5. The Search Results screen will now show when a search generated a Listing Name in both the Yellow Pages and White Pages.

Finally, the Cart has been changed to look and feel more like the Search Results screen.  We added the same select/unselect functionality as the Search Results screen and reformatted it accordingly.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future enhancements, please contact Kevin Kalinowski at (248) 244-0713 or via e-mail at If Kevin is not available, please contact Ed Halasz at (248) 244-6201 or via e-mail at

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