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Over the years, the Yellow Pages industry has built a strong reputation for delivering highly trusted and reliable business listings.

In keeping with that tradition,—a service that allows local businesses to post their listing information in one location and have it automatically fed into Internet Yellow Pages, search engines, and other local search sites—has announced a new service which will increase visibility for small businesses and verify their backgrounds to prevent fraudulent listings.

According to the release, many legitimate small businesses are not being found in online directories because they operate using new technologies such as mobile and the Internet from their owners’ homes, as opposed to using traditional landlines and offices, which are more uniformly included in listings.’s new verification process will ensure that active small businesses are also included in listings through a tool that checks the business’ credit card information, public and private databases, government filings, and even establish direct contact in order to establish proof of identity. The company notes that even the most difficult business categories—those that most frequently attract fraudulent listings —show that more than 95% of businesses can be verified with its new automated methods.

At the end of the verification process, each business listing will be submitted to major local search platforms with an indicator of the level of verification confirmed.

I think this new service will be a great tool in ensuring that our industry’s listings are the most complete and accurate available and look forward to seeing it in action.

For more information on this offering, read the full release here.

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  1. Doyal Bryant says:

    Thanks Stephanie for the mention. As YPA members, we truly recognize the value the YPA has created for trusted local business listings over the years. As technology and what is a business is changing, we continue to work with YPA publishers, CMRs, and national clients to help develop these type of tools to audit, verify, correct, and enhance the local content. We hope this starts a dialogue on ways we can work with the YPA to continue that trusted content supplier role. We should talk about ways for YPA to work with us to test and evaluate the success of these and other tools like Placecast’s Match API to help get better online listing content that consumers can trust.

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