Understanding the Path-To-Purchase Just Got a Little Easier

In today’s environment understanding the path to purchase is critical, for any brand, marketer or sales agency, to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right message.  LSA recently released results from their annual Local Media Tracking Study, which monitors media usage, and device preferences when consumers are searching for a local product or service.

Traditionally, this study has been focused on a limited number of media, however the study was broadened, in recent years, to include many different forms of media including search, social media, ratings and reviews, online video, newspapers, yellow pages and others. In total, thirteen different information sources are monitored to get a holistic picture of the consumer path-to-purchase.

The data, broken out in over 140 category specific reports, provides insights into the complex and ever evolving consumer journey. Results show each category has unique consumer paths. For example, the path of a consumer searching for Pizza is completely different than someone looking for plumbing services.

While many consumers start with search engines for both of these categories, their paths differ after that. For pizza websites, coupons, and mobile apps become more important sources of information. For plumbers, recommendations from friends/family, ratings and reviews and yellow page listings are more important.



The data illustrates how consumers are using more sources and are looking for different types of information. Marketers need to understand this and evolve their advertising strategies to meet the new demands of consumers.

This is only a portion of the data provided in the study and we will be posting more information in future articles. Summary data and over 140 category specific reports are available to members for free or at a discount depending upon membership level. In addition, these reports can be purchased by non-members.

Visit to browse all the reports, or email LSA to learn how you can get access.

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