Twitter’s ‘Promote Mode’ Automates SMB Advertising for $99/Month

Today Twitter introduced Promote Mode, a subscription product geared towards SMBs that automates advertising on the platform. Instead of requiring users to target, develop creative, adjust budgets, and all of the traditional campaign management requirements, Promote Mode amplifies existing tweets to grow reach, followers and views.

It is in a public beta version today, available in the U.S. and United Kingdom and accessible on the mobile app. It costs $99/month and the only requirement is active Tweeting. The tool can be toggled on and off, but this does not pause the subscription or the billing.


This product announcement is reflective of a growing trend to remove advertising complexity with automation and simplification on major digital platforms (Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.). On the other hand, an equally important objective remains providing an exceptional user experience, and an influx of ads would be viewed as spam by many.

It is possible that Twitter has developed some kind of algorithm to determine user interests and therefore matching promoted content with these interests. If this is the case, Twitter’s user experience will be better suited for discovering relevant content, personalized to each user. But this isn’t made clear in the release.

Similarly, just last week Google expanded its “Local Services” lead-gen ads. These are separate from AdWords and offer lead-generation at fixed pricing, which is set by Google on a geographic and category basis (housecleaning in Seattle). Accordingly, there‚Äôs no bidding and no unpredictability for the business owner.

Unlike Promote Mode, Local Services allow SMBs to determine how many leads they want per week and set a weekly budget, which can be adjusted. But like Promote Mode, everything can be managed from a smartphone app.

Promote Mode does have some similarities to Facebook’s Boosted Posts in that both seek to turn organic platform usage into advertising. But Boosted Posts still present the complexity of targeting and budgeting, where as Promote Mode simplifies the advertising transaction.

As digital platforms come to understand user behaviors and interests in a more meaningful and personal way, advertising products and offerings will seek to enrich the user experience by offering more relevant ad content. This appears to be a win-win for users and advertisers and it will be interesting to watch this trend progress.

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