Top Ten Tweets from #YPA10

Our annual conference attendees here in Las Vegas are busy tweeting the latest news from our sessions today.

See our top ten favorite tweets below – and join in the conversation by using our #YPA10 hashtag.

  • matterslocal: LM CEO, built to last means a sales force that understands and uses social media to connect with their customers #YPA10
  • ym_sam: Eniro: changed White Pages into a social media hub with Facebook, Twitter & email! The directory is dead, long live the directory! #ypa10
  • jc_losangeles: At #YPA10. Buy, rent or build? overarching theme. Also, everyone loves Morgan Stanley’s internet trends report–mobile overtaking desktop!
  • davehucker: Krishna Pillai: “don’t build a rocket ship if your client needs a bicycle” #ypa10
  • ym_sam: Sergio did same search on his iPad, iPhone & desktop. All yielded diff results due to attempts to deliver ‘local search’ by Google. #ypa10
  • ym_sam: Kimberli Lewis saying they’re seeing consumers asking for more locally focused directories in Europe. I think that’s a global trend. #ypa10
  • TavisMcPherson: YPA sales force changing to trusted advisers – this means more time spent listening less time selling – #YPA10 (panel)
  • MarketingMoxie: Imperatives for survival = speed, customer-centric focus, fearlessness and relationships. #YPA10
  • brendanking: Speed, Service over products, fear of failure, relationships – things the YP industry needs to change to survive (panel says) #ypa10
  • peterrand: To everyone at YPA conference – spare a thought for those of us left under a cloud in Europe! Have a good one #YPA10

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