Top 5 Most Important Factors for Measuring Campaign Success

The fragmented nature of digital media has created lots of complexity when it comes to media planning and measurement. Even as new attribution solutions seek to make it easier to determine “what’s working,” measuring campaign success remains a challenge for most marketers.

According to a new study, marketers say the top five most important insights needed to measure marketing performance are content performance (65%), social media analytics (60%), channel performance (55%), audience segmentation (46%) and cross-channel attribution (45%).

While machine learning and AI may simplify measurement and attribution in the near future, today marketers use an average of seven different tools to measure success. Trying to make sense of these many tools and sources is the current reality. However, the vast majority (69%) of marketers surveyed said current tools and methods are only “somewhat effective.”

The data come from TrackMaven’s “Marketing Leadership Survey,” which polled 200 marketing executives from 19 different industries. To access the graphic above, click here.

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    Hi this is nice blog about 5 most important factors for measuring campaign success

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