Top 10 Articles on LSA Insider in 2014

In August we re-launched this blog with an updated look and feel.  A vast improvement aesthetically, but we also have been working hard to provide better content and more insight. The addition of Greg Sterling to the LSA team has helped us do just that, but we also started accepting contributions from a variety of authors, bringing new and interesting perspectives to the discussion of “local.”

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to pull together the most popular posts from 2014 that we published here on LSA Insider. Based on article shares, views, comments and overall traffic, here are the 10 most popular posts from the year:

    1. Can Joe Walsh Become the “Steve Jobs of Local”?
    2. Facebook Takes a Big Step toward Competing in Local Search
    3. From 60 to 16: Announcing Our Ad to Action Award Finalists
    4. Local SEO Bible: The 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors
    5. Two Big Deals Show Market Finally Starting to “Get Local”
    6. Navigating the Last Mile: Insurance
    7. Can Alignable Build ‘LinkedIn for SMBs’?
    8. Infographic: Consumers Turning to Mobile & Various Combinations of Local Media in Last Mile
    9. Last Minute Local SEO: 2 Ways to Steal the Holiday Season from Competitors
    10. Study: Traditional Media too Pricey for Local Businesses, Digital too Complicated


As 2015 approaches, we look forward to providing you with more insight into the extremely fast paced and evolving “local” space. From beacons and mobile payments, to reputation management and websites, we are interested in everything that is impacting the business of local.

If you have any content or topic suggestions or are interested in participating as a contributor, just let us know by emailing

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