Tools for Marketers to Enhance Client Relationships

It may be tempting to keep secrets from your clients, such as about how you achieve your results. Alternatively, you may simply prefer to handle marketing alone, without involving clients in everything you do, just to save time.

However, it’s actually a much better practice to keep clients informed. For one thing, this shows clients that they do need your help to see results. For another, helps you demonstrate that the results you are achieving relate directly to your clients’ objectives.

Creating a Resource

If you have a large number of clients, it is worthwhile to create a resource center. For instance, at Boostability, we have PartnerU, where partners and clients alike can find the tools they need either to improve their marketing practices or enhance their understanding of marketing.

You could create all your own tools for clients from scratch, but you may prefer to incorporate at least some tools that are already available for sharing. Bear in mind that your clients are likely to have little to no marketing knowledge — that’s why they hired you for their online marketing services. Simple explanations about what you are doing and why will go a long way to improve transparency and demonstrate your value to clients.

What to Include as Tools


A worksheet displaying a standard set of metrics is excellent for showing a client where you have made improvements. You only need to explain the metrics once (along with how they relate your client’s goals), after which the client will have a clear understanding of what various achievements mean.

Creating your own worksheets is simple. Think about what you report to clients anyway and change the format. You can also find ready-made worksheets: one such example is Top 23 Social Media KPIs.


A quick guide can be the perfect tool to explain why a client needs SEO services, digital marketing, or any of the other services you offer. For instance, you can provide clients with this guide to show how they are improving in search engine rankings and why making improvements is such a complex task. If you are already creating ebooks for premium marketing, add these to your set of resources as well.


Presenting an alternative from text-based content is always a great way to grab clients’ attention. If your agency produces videos as part of your content strategy, consider creating videos to explain common concepts, talk about new challenges, show off your achievements, or do anything else that will benefit clients. If video marketing is not your specialty, share others’ videos that you find helpful.

Blog Posts

Direct clients to your blog to receive regular updates, tips, and explanations that will enlighten them on all things marketing. Give them the chance to sign up for an email newsletter that notifies them of the most relevant content to ensure they never miss a valuable post.

Whether you decide to create your own tools or use existing ones to present information, the important thing is to create transparency for clients. This will go a long way in improving relationships and showing that investments in your marketing services are paying off.

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