Tiger Pistol Rolls Out Dynamic Video Creation Tool, Earns Two Awards

Last week social media marketing player Tiger Pistol has added a new dynamic video ad creation tool to its platform.

The new tools will make it easier for brands to create locally targeted video ads quickly using their own content libraries. Users add their images and copy to a theme wizard and the platform’s AI-engine converts these into vides that include effects highlighting key points within the video.

Here is how Tiger Pistol’s CEO described the new tool in the company announcement.

“With this new capability, Tiger Pistol is committing to a new standard of social media advertising offerings for our clients, with high-quality, engaging videos that are scalable, customizable, and repeatable,” said Paul Elliott, Tiger Pistol CEO. “Historically, the lack of high quality, relevant video assets has prevented most locally-targeted social advertising campaigns from utilizing video ads, which is a significant issue, since they typically outperform their static image counterparts.”

The real innovation here is that the tool allows users to create videos quickly with their own content that are much more sophisticated than what the generic “slide show” approach produces.

Tiger Pistol has also been racking up some prominent awards recently.

This week it earned Digiday‘s Best Social Marketing Tools/Platform award. The company was also named a winner for Best Social Media Campaign in the Street Fight Innovator Awards. Results for both award programs were announced on Thursday.

The Street Fight award relates to a campaign Tiger Pistol ran for a “Global Fortune 500 beverage company.”

Here is a description from the press release announcing that Tiger Pistol had been named a finalist.

“Among other benefits, the client’s use of the platform to drive traffic to thousands of locations worldwide resulted in a 60 percent decrease in cost per thousand impressions (CPM) in comparison to the brand’s national advertising efforts, plus a +50 Net Promoter Score among locations that participated in the program.”

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