The State of Local Programmatic: 100 Local Media Execs Weigh In

Today’s guest post comes from Amber Benson, vice president of marketing at is an advertising technology company that simplifies digital advertising through the use of unstructured data.

There is no denying the gap between publishers that want to take advantage of targeted solutions and fully integrated cross-platform programs, and local advertisers who faithfully hold to their knowledge of their buyers and what’s worked before. What is interesting is just how wide that gap is and how best to bridge it.

Forrester Consulting recently interviewed more than 100 digital publishing executives in 29 designated market areas (DMAs) and found that education is the key to local programmatic success. The study highlighted what is needed for local programmatic to take off in a way that gets targeted messaging to consumers, and better ROI to advertisers and publishers.

The report from Forrester will be profiled in a joint webinar with titled, “The State of Local Programmatic: 100 Local Media Execs Weigh In” on Thursday, August 14 from 1 – 2 pm ET.  But before that, here are some highlights from the study:

Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of, April 2014. 
  • More than half of local publishers (53%) sell full cross-platform integrated solutions.
  • Nearly 70% of publishers use a DMP to create data-driven advertising programs, such as audience extension.
  • Sales and ad ops teams see high minimum campaign spend (47%) as the primary barrier to local advertisers adopting programmatic, closely followed by a lack of perceived or measureable ROI at 42 percent, showing that to local advertisers, ROI is king.
  • Publishers cited sales training (65%) and technology implementation (63%) as challenges faced during the implementation process, highlighting the need for education to keep up with the rapidly evolving space.
  • Interestingly, 31% of publishers questioned about local programmatic challenges cited the need for something new entirely – a specialized analytics staff to keep up with changes as they happen.

Interested in learning more? Register today for the webinar. Attendees will also receive a full copy of the report and some unique insights into how local publishers and advertisers can be successful and raise the ROI on small data, high volume campaigns.

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