The SEO Recipe for SMBs: 9 Tactics for Small Budget Accounts

Delivering real value to small budget SEO accounts is challenging, yet achievable. The standard “premium” SEO playbook used for large budget businesses rarely makes sense for small budget accounts. Meanwhile, “old school” SEO tactics continue to produce results for SMBs.

Boostability’s Matt Tennison and Kelly Shelton joined LSA’s Charles Laughlin and Local SEO Guide‘s Andrew Shotland for a compelling webinar discussion of what SEO tactics really work for SMBs. Matt and Kelly explored what they see as the nine critical ingredients for a successful SEO recipe for SMBs:

  • Keyword selection
  • Code & content
  • Business profiles
  • Directory submissions
  • Classifieds
  • Article engagement
  • Custom blogs
  • Guest blogs
  • Original articles

For the full discussion and explanation of these various tactics view the webinar recording below.

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  1. Andy Kuiper says:

    Thanks for posting the video Joe 🙂

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