The Promise of Location: A Better Customer Experience

Promise of Local Marketing

One of LSA’s slogans is “The Promise of Local Marketing.” But what does that mean; what is that “promise”?  

One way to answer the question is to provide a laundry list of the benefits of local or location-based marketing. A far better answer came from Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt during a prep call for next week’s Place Conference.

I wish I could take credit for it.

He said basically that the promise of location is “building a better customer experience.” Immediately I thought: “That’s it!” This is the best, most succinct way to put it.

One of the keys to a better customer experience is using location intelligence to provide context, personalization, depth and understanding to online and offline customer experiences.

Customer experience or “CX” is a major buzzword right now. So much that it’s almost an instant cliche. But there is an underlying truth or reality that needs to be addressed. Delivering a great experience (or an experience that meets growing consumer expectations) is critical. Smart use of location data and mobile are central to this proposition today.

This is essence of what we’ll be exploring from multiple perspectives on Monday at Place Conference in New York. Here’s our full agenda:

  • Understanding the Location-Data Ecosystem
  • Unlocking the Black Box of Location
  • Case Study: InMarket, Proyo & Oniracom
  • Why Location Data Needs Great Creative to Succeed
  • Case Study: How Foursquare’s Pilgrim SDK Drives Revenue, Engagement for TouchTunes
  • Store Visits & Sales Measurement: Where Are We, Where Is It Going?
  • Pay-per-Visit: Will Location Analytics Disrupt Ad Models?
  • Facebook: On Location
  • PlaceIQ: How Location Data Will Drive E-Commerce Sales
  • Rx for Retail: New Perspectives
  • Location & Privacy: What Marketers Must Know
  • Always-On Location: The Agency POV
  • Clear Channel: Location and Traditional Media
  • Mixed Reality: When Digital & Physical Worlds Collide

Brands, agencies and media companies need to understand and fully utilize location — even pure e-commerce companies — if they’re going to meet and beat consumer expectations.

I hope that you’ll join me and over 200 marketers across the digital ecosystem on Monday at The Place Conference and our Location Analytics Workshop the following day — as we explore the relationship between location data and the customer experience.

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