The Opportunity & Challenge of Localizing PPC Ads Across Platforms

As mobile and local search continues to grow, it’s important to include PPC in the marketing mix, but PPC tactics should not be the same across Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram and Yelp. Each platform presents a unique set of capabilities and challenges that marketers need to understand.

In our latest webinar, Paul Berman of uberall gave an overview of the most popular paid advertising platforms and he discussed success factors for each and how to avoid common mistakes. He also provided some specific tips on how to optimize campaign setup across all five platforms.

Here are some of the insights from the webinar:

  • Consumers use a multitude of platforms for local search – driving a need for brands to cast a wider (local) marketing net that captures all opportunities
  • Localized ad campaigns on Google yield highest conversion rates for services industries – most commonly proven through increase of incoming calls or click to navigation
  • Facebook news feed Ads with a local CTA can be effective across a more diverse set of verticals – surprisingly two service industries rank among top 5 highest interactions per post
  • Instagram has highest interaction levels across all social platforms (though slowly decreasing) – best performance for visually appealing ads and industries
  • Setup of Bing Location extension most similar to Google but the CTA is limited to click to navigate and location extensions require scheduling
  • Yelp is most relevant for B2C businesses such as shops & restaurants, and highest activity occurs in densely populated metropolitan areas

You can view the entire webinar below.

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  1. Its completely true that PPCdrive our business. Yet it requires high patience level and creativity to achieve great heights!

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