The Importance of Reaching ‘Digital First’ Consumers

During last week’s webinar, Radicle Consulting’s Founder and Principal Paul Plant discussed the “Digital First” generation who conducts almost every aspect of their lives through technology.  Paul outlined the importance of these consumers and shared some tips on how to meet the needs of these tech savvy consumers.

Given Paul’s 35 years of experience in media and telecommunications, he provided some invaluable strategic advice on digital transformation, customer-centricity, organizational change, leadership coaching and much more.  Here are some of the top takeaways from the webinar:

  • There are 6.5 billion mobile subscribers in the world, which is 93% of the entire population
  • 94% of smartphone users keep their device within one meter of their person at all times.
  • Two-thirds of connected consumers have now made a purchase online.
  • Winning companies in the digital economy are able to present a single view of their business across all channels.
  • Digital First Consumer Characteristics: 1. Lifestyle before career 2. Capture the moment 3. Share everything 4. Ethical sourcing 5. Environmentally aware 6. Apolitical 7. Passion for travel 8. Culturally aware, etc.
  • The path to purchase is highly fragmented and the online and offline worlds are seamlessly intertwined.
  • The basic entry ticket to compete in the digital space is telephony, broadband, email and a website.
  • Managing reputation online is an integral component of running a successful business.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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