The Four Reasons People Click on Paid Search Ads

Paid search is probably the internet’s most successful advertising model. PPC traffic converts at 50% higher rates than organic traffic, and 52% of online shoppers who interact with PPC ads will call the advertiser immediately once they’re done browsing.

Why do people click on paid-search ads? It’s all about intent, and relevant content, as a recent survey from Clutch shows.

According to the survey data, the top reasons people click on paid search ads included answering a search query (33%), mentioning a familiar brand (26%), being listed above other search results (20%) and having a compelling title, description or image (19%). People were also much more likely to click on Google ads (63%) ads than ads on Amazon (15%), YouTube (9%) or Bing (6%).

Three out of four people (75%) also said that paid search ads make it easier for them to find the information they’re looking for. The days of confusion about the difference between paid and organic links would appear to be over.

The survey findings reinforce the importance of relevance but also the role of brand familiarity in driving clicks. Ads that correlate most directly search intent will drive more clicks, consumer trust and further increase brand awareness.

This data comes from Clutch’s Search Engine Marketing survey pt. 1, n=506 people who clicked on a paid search ad in the past month. To access the graphic above, click here.

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